A Pakistani couple who were found to be living in India illegally was deported to Pakistan on May 11. The couple Kashif Shamsuddin (30) and Kirhon Ghulam Ali (30) were found living in Bengaluru with fake Aadhaar cards were handed over to Pakistan authorities at Wagah-Attari border on the directive of Karnataka High Court.

The couple, who were residents of Karachi and had entered India illegally and were arrested in 2017. The couple also brought along with them another Pakistan national Sameera (27) who is married to Shihab, an Indian and has a child. Though she married an Indian the nationality of her child is not yet ascertained given the child’s mother is an illegal migrant.

According to Indian Citizenship act 1955, ‘A person born in India on or after 3 December 2004, is considered an Indian citizen by birth if both the parents are citizen of India or if one of the parents is a citizen and the other is not an illegal migrant at the time of birth.”

During the investigation, police found that Sameera and Shihab met in Oman and married there. Sameera’s father found this went to Oman and brought Sameera to Karachi and held her under house arrest. And so Sameera with the help of her cousins Kirhon and Khasif escaped to India illegally through Nepal.

The Couple and Sameera were convicted under Indian penal Code and Foreigners act for entering India illegally and creating Aadhaar cards sentencing them to 21 months and 12 months in prison respectively along with a fine of 64,000 Rs. Kirhon and Khasif appealed against the decision and the HC ordered their deportation citing unnecessary burden over the taxpayers. While Sameera chose to serve the sentence instead of appealing against the Court’s order, the nationality of her child is uncertain.




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