Prisoners in Thrissur’s Viyyur Central Jail have been cooking biryani since 2011 and are now selling online after teaming up with Swiggy. The jail inmates have been cooking various delicacies through the Freedom Food Factory which gained popularity in the area.

On their debut with the online food delivery app, they began with biryani combo pack which includes 300 gms biryani rice, one chicken leg piece, chapatis, chicken curry, salad, pickle, drinking water bottle, cupcake all at just Rs 127.

The Freedom Food Factory on an average sells 500 to 700 biryani meals a day. The meals are cooked by over 100 male inmates. The prison also has female inmates who are mostly indulged in preparing traditional snacks.

The superintendent Nirmalanandan said “it was only recently that we realized the huge potential of commercial sales through online platforms. The idea of going online was proposed by the DGP Rishiraj Singh.”

“We have already been selling biriyani, non-vegetarian curries and bakery items from Viyyur jail. We do have counter sales. But now we have decided to go online and sell a biryani combo initially,” added the superintendent.

Kerala once again proves its progressive nature and stands as the front-runner in showing the way for other state governments in reforming and rehabilitating the prisoners.

The encouragement given by the officials is remarkable as it not only reforms the prisoners but also inculcates the skill of enterprise.

This will help the state to effectively rehabilitate the prisoners so that they don’t get marginalized and sustain after release. This also helps the jail inmates to earn and take care of their families while in prison.


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