In Kerala, BJP workers protested the announcement of BJP candidate for the by-polls in Manjeswaram Assembly constituency in Kasaragod district on Sunday when the party announced candidates for the five constituencies that are going for by-polls scheduled on October 21.

A section of BJP supporters protested the nomination of State Committee member Ravisha Thantri Kuntar in the place of district president advocate K Sreekanth who was prioritized in the list of candidates for the by-polls.

The protest was led by K Sreekanth, P Suresh Kumar Shetty who was the former district President and a state committee member V Balakrishna Shetty.

The protesting party supporters claimed that the party leadership has taken the decision unilaterally without considering the emotions of the party leaders.

Protests broke-out during the Manjeshwaram panchayat convention of the party. The protesting workers didn’t even allow the organizers of the convention to arrange the chairs.

Ravisha Thantri Kuntar was fielded as the party candidate in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. Some sections believe that there is a tussle for supremacy between RSS and BJP in the state where the former has a higher say.



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