Jolly Joseph (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

The main accused in the Kerala Cyanide killings Jolly Joseph attempted suicide in prison by slitting her wrist. She was immediately rushed to the hospital.

The officials of the Kozhikode district jail were informed about the incident early in the morning at 4:30, after which she was instantly transported to the hospital.

“Fearing such tendencies, we have never kept her in a solitary cell. We put other prisoners to keep a watch on her. Last night, she had covered herself with a quilt so it was hard to see. But when the other prisoners saw traces of blood around her bed, they alerted us and we rushed her to the hospital,” an official said.

Jolly, a 47-year-old mother of two, was arrested last year for the murders of six members of her family. Jolly had mixed cyanide in the food served.

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) had been appointed to probe into the case and charge sheet for all the six cases were filed.

The case came into light when a family member out of suspicion complained to the police about the behavior of Joseph. The member recognized a pattern in the deaths of the family members and speculated a foul play. After which the police found the dead bodies of six members in the Ponnamattam House.

The mother-in-law of Joseph, Anamma Thomas was the first murder in 2002 followed by her husband, Tom Thomas in 2008. Later in 2011, her son Roy Thomas died. In 2014, Anamma’s brother Mathew Manjadiyi died, after two years another relative Cily, and her one-year-old child died under likewise mysterious circumstances.

The SIT had arrested four other accused, Mathew, Prachi Kumar and K Manoj, a former CPI(M) leader, last year in October.


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