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A man from Kerala who joined the dreaded terror outfit Islamic State in June 2016 wishes to return to India and surrender as reported by The Indian Express. The 25 year old was identified a Firoz Khan hailing from Elambachi village in Kasargod district.

Firoz was one of the dozen people who left the country to join the ISIS in 2016. While most of them moved to Afghanistan, Firoz is said to have entered Syria illegally.

Firoz told his family on phone that the Islamic state members are languishing in extreme poverty and were fighting for food. He also said that the ISIS had got him married to a girl from Malaysia but she left him.

He also told that after the fall of IS so called caliphate to the might of US forces, the terror outfit is struggling to survive and that he wants to return. Intelligence sources confirmed they were aware of the call and the fact that firoz was in touch with his family in Kerala.

“We got a call from the Firoz last month. He spoke to his mother Habeeba and expressed his desire to return and surrender. The call came after their caliphate fell to US-backed forces in Syria. He told his mother that they were in utter poverty, fighting for food,” said a relative to The Indian Express.

They also said that Firoz wanted to know if he would be charged with any cases upon return. They however said they did not have any details as to how and where he was planning to surrender and that they have not heard from him.

Security sources revealed that Firoz was one of the main accused in the Kasargod IS module case and that he had been persuading many of his relatives to join the outfit. According to officials, most of them who migrated to Syria to join the IS were killed in various attacks.


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