Kerala police again sets an example for the rest of the country by officially entering the latest fad Tik Tok after garnering huge following on facebook, twitter and instagram with its popular and funny memes.

The police department in Kerala has mastered on how to use these social media platforms as a means to bring social awareness among citizens through funny memes and trolls. With over a million likes for its facebook page, Kerala police is believed to be more popular than the New York Police page.

In fact Tik Tok welcomed the entry of Kerala police on its official twitter account and said “Your presence of Tik tok will help inspire millions of youth to learn from the bravery and diligence that inspire the nation.”

The police wrote on its official facebook page that apart from creating awareness, warning and safety lessons for the citizens they would also watch out for unlawful activities on Tik Tok platform as well.

In less than a day the Tik Tok account of Kerala police garnered over 74,000 followers. Even the video announcing the entry of Kerala police onto the platform has gone viral.

The police are all set to use the platforms innovatively and progressively. According to sources, the department is planning to host competitions in making short films on various subjects and post them as public service messages.

The Kerala police are also planning to rope in people who are already popular on the Tik Tok platform to increase the viewership.


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