A 10-year-old girl died Wayanad, Kerela in her school in Sulthan Bathery after being bit by a snake. According to the police, the girl was in her school, Sarwajan Vocational Higher Secondary School, on Wednesday when her foot got stuck in a hole on the floor of her class.

By the time everyone pulled out her foot, there were two red spots on her foot. Even after noticing the two spots the teachers refused her to the hospital immediately, told the deceased’s parents and classmates.

The girl was studying in 5th standard and her classmates did raise suspicion on the spots being that of a snake bite, but the teachers refused any such possibility. When the girl’s father arrived 30 minutes later, she was taken to the hospital a private hospital, in Sulthan Bathery and then to a nearby sub-district hospital. She was then referred to the Kozhikode Medical College.

After her condition worsened she was taken to another private hospital where she was declared dead.


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