Nowadays, TikTok has become a new platform for the young generation to showcase their talent. But, is this only for the modern generation? Well, not for sure! Recently, an 85-year old granny made TikTok viral videos, which now have landed her a role in a film.

Mary Joseph Mampilly from Chittatukara, North Paravoor, Ernakulam, who has become viral through TikTok videos, has signed a Malayam film ‘Sundaran Subhash’ which is being directed by Binshad Nazar.

Binshad Nazar, who is directing his first film, said that granny’s videos with her grandson Jinson were quite popular on TikTok and therefore, he offered her role of a character called ‘Ammumma’.

“In the movie, we have a character we call Ammumma, a 90-year-old on whom the story is based. We were planning to cast someone from the industry but on seeing these videos, we decided it should be her. The videos have a certain quality,” says Binshad.

When asked about how she learnt about TikTok videos, Mary Joseph said that his grandson Jinson taught her about how to do TikTok videos, when they were in relief camp after flood engulfed their home in August last year. “My grandchildren were very disappointed saying they did not have much like and followers in Tik Tok. Then I started to d o videos with them and we got 25000 likes for first video. Then I also became very interested in doing Tik Tok videos. N ow we have did over 27 videos and one of my videos got over 1.57 lakh likes in Tik Tok,” she said.

In Nazar’s film, Jinson, who is a safety officer in Middle East, will also do a small role in the film.

The videos are posted on in the account named ‘Ammammeda Kochumon’.


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