Aaruni Kurup, TikTok, Kerala, Swine Flu, KollamAfter creating a TikTok sensation in a short period of time, the whizz-kid Aaruni S. Kurup passed away on Thursday after ailing from swine flu. Hailing from Kerala, the 9-year-old with her doe-eyes and exemplar expressions had stolen many hearts in Malayali household.

Aaruni amused her viewers on the social media video app TikTok through her subtle acting skills. In these robust videos filled all over YouTube, one can find gleeful Aaruni re-enacting various scenes from old and new Malayalam movies. Innocence of age coupled with sheer talent found her praise in comment sections of these uploads.

Since earlier this week, Aaruni had been undergoing treatment at S.I.T Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram. As per reports, she was hospitalised following persistent headache and fever-chills. After 2 days in I.C.U., the little TikTok prodigy gave in.

As the untimely demise of Aaruni found its way into the social media platforms, her 14,000 TikTok followers and other broken-hearted fans took to Facebook and Twitter to express their condolences.

Initially, the kid was admitted in a private hospital in Kollam, her native place. After her condition intensified, she was moved to S.I.T. According to reports, the doctor who treated Aaruni confirmed that it was an unfortunate case of H1N1 Encephalitis.

Aaruni is a class 4 student at Sri Sri Academy in Ezhukone, Kannanallur. She is the lone child of Sanoj and Ashwathy Sanoj. Earlier last year, Aaruni had lost her father in a road accident in Saudi Arabia.


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