Kerala policeA 10-year-old lodged a complaint after a delay in the repair of his bicycle for over two months. He submitted a handwritten letter in Meppayur police station which left the police officers surprised.

Kerala police were left baffled after they received an unusual complaint from a 10-year-old boy, who approached the Meppayur, Kerela police station with a handwritten complaint.

According to a report by The New Indian Express, Abin, a class 5 student of Vilayattoor Elampilad LP School in Kozhikode, in his complaint, requested police to get him and his brother’s cycles repaired at the earliest.

In the letter dated November 25 the boy wrote that after leaving his bicycle at the shop on September 5, he has still not received hi repaired cycle. The police lodged his complaint and assured him that they will get his bicycle back.

Addressing the letter to the Meppayur Police Station SI, Abin wrote, “We haven’t received our cycles yet. The repair shop owner has also taken Rs. 200 as an advance for repairing our cycles. Whenever we call them, they either don’t answer or they keeping saying that they will repair the cycles soon. Whenever we went to the shop, we found it was closed.”

He further said that there was no one at their home who could visit the shop and enquire about his bicycle.

The report mentioned the police saying that they were really “impressed” to see a 10-year-old reaching out to police all by himself and file his petition written on a notebook page.

Beat officer Radhika NP headed to the repair shop and asked the mechanic about the delay. The shop owner told the police that he could not open his shop for some time as he was not keeping well. He also said that he was keeping busy.


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