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The chilling memories of 2018 floods in Kerala are still seared deep within our consciousness. The various videos that surfaced during the period, showed the disastrous defying nature of mother earth.  Among these,  a video of a road in Malappuram district splitting into two against the force of floodwaters sent chills into the viewer’s nerves.

Months after the calamity, the state is resurrecting. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday took to the microblogging site Twitter and social media platform Facebook to announce the step-by-step rebuilding happening in the state. 
Posting a picture of the reconstructed road, the CM wrote, “This is one among the many roads that have been rebuilt on a war footing basis.” 
Six months later, the portion of Wandoor-Naduvath-Vadakkumpadam road in Malappuram, which caved in as heavy rains and the subsequent floods pounded various parts of the district has been restored and is serviceable.

“Few will forget that sight of a road being washed away in the floods of 2018. A moment that unveiled the monstrosity of that disaster,” he wrote.

For immediate conveyance, a temporary walkway using bamboo poles was constructed with the help of the Army in Vandoor village, where the road once stood. 

“The road is now fully serviceable. It was rebuilt in record time and a cost of Rs 25 lakhs.”

The repairs are part of the Public Welfare Department (PWD)’s state-wide rebuilding of key arterial roads and pathways that had collapsed in the aftermath of the floods. It has completed repair works of 4,429 km length of roads and an additional length of 3,148 km are in the final stages of rebuilding. Another 64 designed roads, built to last long, are progressing as well, Vijayan wrote.


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