“We, The People,” a citizens’ movement in Kerala, formed in the context of the recent Supreme Court Sabarimala verdict will have its first gathering in Thiruvananthapuram on November 13.

The state capital will witness a “mega event” with dance, drama and songs. The programme will carry the message to stand with the Constitution in the streets of the city.

“We, The People” movement, also described as ‘Magenta Revolution’, invites people across the country to join the cause and organise similar events.

“It is we, the people. The residual power of a democracy is not in a court (judiciary), executive or legislature. The power is with the people. But now people have become insignificant,” says Dr Ajit Kumar, who has become the face of the movement.

In a message posted on the social media, they explained that the communal bigots said the Supreme Court judgement lifting the ban on women of menstruating age at Sabarimala temple would find a revered place in the annals of history as a trailblazer of modern Indian democracy.

“The streets and news of Kerala so far have been creating an impression that the line of thought Kerala follows is unconstitutional, misogynistic and against the rule of law. But every Malayali knows in their heart this applies only to a puny minority. Yet unfortunately, their overwhelming visibility is masking what is the actual truth.

But now, realising the seriousness of the threat this is turning out to be, the people of Kerala are awakening to reveal our true selves to the wider world. Now it is our turn to proclaim Kerala’s real stand on the streets, and on the news (sic),” the facebook post read.

There has been a concerted attack against the judgement launched by religious fanatics, the clergy, certain political parties and their blind followers. They continue to spread falsehood and spew venom at the highest judiciary and the state government, the message said.

“So it is up to us, the citizens of India to defend the Constitution and it’s proclaimed values. Without our constitutional framework we will fall into disarray; don’t let our country balkanize,” said Social activist Maitre-yan in a video message supporting the movement.

“We are initiating a passive resistant movement from this tip of this nation, which we know will spread to the rest of the country. We are drawing inspiration from the Renaissance values our forefathers left us with the independence and allied movements,” he added.

The organisers have asked like-minded people to create groups on Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger and Telegram to give maximum publicity and to encourage the maximum people across India to participate along with their whole family. 


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