The Kin of the women police constable who was murdered by her male colleague in Kerala claim that the accused killed her for rejecting his marriage proposal. Here it is to be noted that the victim Soumya Pushpakaran is already married and was a mother of three children while accused Ajas is unmarried.

Woman constable Soumya Pushpakaran was posted in Vallikunnam police station in Kerala’s Alappuzha district, was doused with petrol and set ablaze by her male colleague Ajas who works at Ernakulam rural district

While Soumya’s husband Sanjeev worked in Libya, her mother told media that Ajas has been harassing her with a marriage proposal. Ajas and Soumya had known each other for many years. Soumya’s mother Indira narrated her daughter’s ordeal saying “Ajas held a grudge towards my daughter after she rejected his marriage proposal. Soumya had taken Rs 1.50 lakh from Ajas and when she wanted to return the amount, Ajas refused to take it back. She credited the sum to his bank account, but he returned it. He wanted to marry my daughter. When she rejected, Ajas threatened to kill her husband and children. He came to Soumya’s house twice with the proposal. On one occasion, he even thrashed her with shoes.”

Soumya’s eldest son Hrishikesh (12) was well aware of the threat his mother faced from Ajas. He told two weeks ago his mother had told him that if anything happened to her Ajas would be responsible. “He used to repeatedly harass her over the phone” he added.

Despite her family alleging that she had complained to the police against Ajas, police are denying having received any complaint from the victim. However, Alappuzha SP K M Tomy said the investigation is underway and will speed up once Ajas, who is in hospital recovers from his injuries.

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