The delayed arrival of Southwest monsoon in the states of Telangana and Andhra has caused a rainfall deficit of 40 percent. Despite a sluggish monsoon, many parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are still reeling under drought like conditions.

Most affected are the farmers as the sowing is yet to begin this Kharif season. Sowing has not begun yet even after a month into this crop season.

According to IMD the rainfall deficit in June was recorded as 43.6 percent in Andhra Pradesh and 35 percent in Telangana . Reservoirs in both states are yet to receive significant inflows after long spell of summer that dried up most of the water bodies.

The monsoon arrived in Telangana on June 21, after a departure of more than 14 days from its normal arrival in the first week of June. Monsoons arrived on Kerala coast on June 8 and were disrupted due to cyclone Vayu which delayed the onset on monsoon further in the rest of the sub-continent.

Farmers usually begin sowing in the first week of June and are yet to start farming in over 90 percent of cultivable land. Some parts in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh did not see any rains in the last 10 days.

Drought like situation prevailed in 385 out of 589 blocks in Telangana which received only 86.2mm rainfall as against 132mm norm in June. It is said that this is the worst situation in five years.

Situation in Andhra Pradesh is worse with sowing of seeds in only 4 percent of cultivable land in the state. The state is also suffering severe water depletion by nearly 2.8 metres. In the drought prone Rayalaseema region ground water depleted at an alarming rate by nearly 7.26 meters.

However, IMD in its earlier forecast said the amount of rainfall deficit will be compensated with more rains in an extended monsoon. IMD Hyderabad Director YV Reddy said rainfall in June will be below normal but the rainfall over the entire season was expected to be as normal.


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