Six more bodies have been retrieved from the landslide spot of Kavalappara in Kerala’s Malappuram district and the search operation for more bodies continues even after 10 days. The total bodies recovered from the landslide spot stands at 46. A massive landslide that took place in Malappuram district wiped out almost an entire village say officials.

The landslide took place on August 8 and 13 more persons are still missing. Authorities have deployed the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system to detect some sub-surface objects to help the officials on ground at the site recover more bodies.

Despite the best efforts, the Ground Penetrating Radars are unable to detect more bodies because of the landslide debris in the area that is soaked up with water.

The District collector is however keen to continue the search for more bodies using traditional methods while the team of scientists from Hyderabad based National Geo physical Research Institute (NGRI) will be moved to another landslide spot in Wayanad.

National Disaster Response Force along with Kerala State police, fire services and rescue personnel were all engaged in the search operation day and night. Heavy equipment support was deployed like the Cranes, earth movers, concrete cutters and saws.

The searches are carried out based on some calculations by pinpointing the location of the houses and measuring how far they must have been washed away based on the force of the landslide.

In Tamil Nadu, rains lashed Chennai and neighboring parts. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted more rains for the next two days.

In Karnataka as floods receded people began to leave the relief camps and return to their homes and villages. A bigger challenge for the state is now to rehabilitate them. Over 10,000 people were rendered homeless because of the floods. Though the state government offered to help the displace people have nowhere to go.

The total death toll in Karnataka stood at 76. According to the preliminary estimates of the State Government of Karnataka the trail of destruction caused due to floods amount to 50,000 crore rupees.


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