A day after a shocking video of domestic violence at the residence of former High Court judge Nooty Ramamohana Rao surfaced on social media, the retired judge and his son rushed to control the damage and claimed that the footage was fabricated and that they were only stopping Sindhu, who was trying to commit suicide.

To these allegations Sindhu Sharma, daughter in law of the Former HC judge responded saying she had two wonderful kids to live for and that suicide was never on her mind.

Sindhu also told that she had not revealed the footage till now with the hope to resolve things behind closed doors but the family continued harassing her and abusing her.

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Sindhu told her mother in law Durga Lakshmi had on many occasions abused her and taunted her for bearing two daughters and not a son.

“If I was trying to kill myself, why didn’t they speak about my suicide attempt till now? On the night they abused me and took me to the hospital, they did not mention about any suicide attempt with the doctors either. Even if I was trying to kill myself is that the way they would stop me?” asked Sindhu referring to brutal manhandling by her husband and father in law as seen in the CCTV footage.

Speaking on their claims that she had released the footage that was favourable to her only, Sindhu said he had the login credentials only till May and that after that they had changed the password. Moreover, she could access the footage only within the past 24 hours and not beyond.

Sindhu told the entire footage would be recorded in DVR and that police had not yet taken possession of it despite complaints. She claimed crucial footage in must have already been deleted.

Sindhu released another video showing the father-son duo screening the footage and deleting the inconvenient chunks.

However, police said the CCTV footage released by Sindhu could build a strong case against the Nooty Ramamohana Rao and family. A case was registered against the former judge, his wife and son at the Central Crime Station in Hyderabad.



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