In a shocking CCTV footage, a retired Madras High Court Judge Nooty Rama Mohan Rao, along with his wife and son were seen ruthlessly assaulting his daughter-in-law M Sindhu Sarma. Rao and family were booked by Hyderabad Police for harassing and assaulting Sindhu.

The 2.20 minutes long video footage dated April 20, 2019 was released by Sindhu Sarma to back her accusations against them in her complaint to the police where she mentioned that her in-laws and husband were harassing and assaulting her for more dowry.

In the video Rama Mohan Rao’s son N Vashishta was seen assaulting his wife Sindhu at their home right in front of his parents who were also manhandling the helpless woman.

Rama Mohan Rao’s wife Durga Lakshmi tries to intervene when Vashishta was slapping and punching his wife. Meanwhile Rama Mohna Rao was seen forcibly pulling her hands and pushing her to the sofa.

A little while later their toddler walks in to hold the knees of Sindhu. This doesn’t stop the former HC judge, his wife and son who continue manhandling her without considering the presence of the toddler in the scuffle.

A little later, another older kid enters the room whom Vashishta sends away. Meanwhile Rama Mohan Rao aggressively pulls Sindhu from the sofa and she falls on the floor. At the same time the domestic help arrives and tries to pick her up.

Sindhu’s father alleged that she required hospitalization and medical care after the assault.

Sindhu lodged a complaint with the Hyderabad Police Central Crime Station on April 27, 2019 alleging physical and mental abuse by her husband Vashishta, Rama Mohan Rao and his wife Durga Lakshmi.

Sindhu mentioned in her complaint that she has been harassed by the family for more dowry. Rama Mohan Rao reportedly looking to place Vashishta in a real estate venture.

Sindhu’s father told on that fateful night Sindhu had suffered injuries and abrasions for which she had to be hospitalized.  Rao’s family had admitted her in Apollo hospital and tried to project that Sindhu was under unstable mental condition and that she had inflicted wounds on her own.

DCP Avinash Mohanty claimed that after registering the FIR, the complainant and her family promised to help in the investigation by providing the CCTV footage but failed to get them repeatedly. However, along with the latest evidence, the police have taken the statements of Vashishta, domestic helps and others.

Nooty Rama Mohan Rao served as Judge in Andhra Pradesh and Madras High Courts and retired in 2017.


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