In another gruesome incident, a middle-aged man was lynched by a mob in Chidambaram Nagar, Cuddalore district on Monday, 26 November. According to police, the locals on Kasukadai Street in Chidamabaram, spotted a man about age between 35-40 years, roaming on the street.

The police said the man attempted to enter few shops and households but was prevented by the shopkeepers and house owners. The man, then, attempted to break open the door of a car while it was parked and the vehicle owner spotted him.

The vehicle owner immediately raised an alarm and the passer-by managed to grab him. When people asked him what he was doing, the man could only speak in Hindi or English and not Tamil. Eyewitnesses said he made an attempt to explain, but locals couldn’t understand.

The locals tied him up and immediately sent a person to alert Chidambaram police. Meanwhile, police could arrive; locals started beating him with logs. Police said someone hit the man on groin region, killing him on the spot. The police reached the spot and recovered the body and sent it for post-mortem to Chidambaram Government General Hospital.

The Identity of man could not be ascertained. However, 10 people were arrested in the case and 4 have been charged with murder and the interrogation is currently underway.

The horrific case has come after a 15 year old boy was lynched to death by a group of people in Tamil Nadu’s Karur district in September over suspicion that he had stolen a mobile phone.


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