In Telangana, an under construction high-level bridge at Vemulawada collapsed due to heavy water flow for the last two days. The bridge is being constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 28 crore.

Telangana has been witnessing heavy rainfall for the last two days. According to weather reports, rainfall may continue for another four days.

The iron rods used for the construction reportedly swept away in the rainwater which ensued to the collapse.

However, residents allege low quality mason work has led to the mishap.

Two bridges are being constructed on Mulavagu since 2016. One of the bridges was completed while the other one was yet to be completed.

No casualties were reported other than the damage to property.

Residents accused the contractors for compromising on the quality of materials. “If the bridge can collapse after just two days of rain, how will the bridge withstand the weight of traffic. The government must take serious action against the people responsible for the collapse and cancel the contract if possible,” said Ramulu, a resident.



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