Motorists caught drunk driving will now pay a fine of Rs 10,000 as per the new Motor vehicle Act. The latest rules will be enforced from September 1st onwards in the state.

The fine amount for people with license will pay Rs 10,000 and the ones without license will pay a penalty of Rs 5,000. The existing penalties stand at Rs 2,000 for drunk driving with license and Rs 500 without license.

According to the recent Motor Vehicle Act, the penalties for various traffic violations have been increased over 10 times. The act also proposed penalties for people who do not give way for emergency services like ambulance.

Though the government is acting with good intention to discipline the commuters and to encourage them to follow traffic rules, there is a fear that the law will be misused.

Motorists argue that there will be more instances of corruption if these penalties are implemented. Any motorist would prefer paying a bribe of Rs 1000 to the policeman instead of paying Rs 10,000 as fine.

Moreover, not everyone can afford to pay such a huge penalty and instead pay bribes and get away.

When officials reiterate that the new rules are being implemented for the safety of commuters and pedestrians and to reduce accidents on roads, people argue saying the government should first lay good roads and fill potholes. Many accidents take place in the city due to potholes especially during rainy season.

Another concern was raised that when the government does not take enough measures to reduce congestion, how the government can fine commuters who do not give way to emergency services. There are situations where even if the motorists want to give way they cannot due to heavy congestion on roads.


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