Warangal: Man walks for 11 kms on tracks with intestines in his hands, telagana
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In an extremely unpleasant incident, a railway passenger who fell from a moving train and got his stomach ripped open, walked nearly 11 km along the track.

Holding his spilling out intestines in his hands, Sunil Chowhan, a resident of Hussainabad in Uttar Pradesh, walked for hours on tracks before a railway official noticed him and called an ambulance.

This unbelievable incident took place on Monday morning in Warangal in Telangana when Chowhan was travelling from Bihar to Nellore on the Sanghamitra Express.

Railway police in a statement said that Sunil Chowhan, 24, along with his brother Praveen and other migrant workers had boarded the train in Balia, UP, three days ago for Nellore in Andhra Pradesh.

At around 2 am on Monday when the train crossed Uppal station near Hasanparthy in Telangana, Sunil got out of his berth to go to the toilet but accidentally fell out of the train, the statement added.

According to reports, before going back to his berth, he stood near the door which was open and suddenly slipped. Anyone without knowing what happened, the train sped away.

While falling, Mr Chauhan hit an iron rod which ripped open his stomach and his intestines spilled out.

He also suffered injuries to his spine, chest and limbs. He lost his cellphone and could not find it in the dark.

Stationmaster Navin Pandya of Hasanparthy station spotted him and rushed him to the Mahatma Gandhi hospital in Warangal.

Currently, he is undergoing a prolonged surgery at the hospital and is reported to be safe.


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