Image: screen grab from the video

At the Athi Varadar annual fest in Tamil Nadu’s Kanchipuram temple, an IPS officer was seen manhandling a journalist while the audio was blocked, the video went viral raising questions.  

The IPS officer Varun Kumar who was seen in the video was the Superintendent of police and was posted in Kanchipuram on security duties during the festival. The reporter who was manhandled by the police was Rajesh and worked for Jaya TV.

The reporter told as they were covering the fest in Kanchipuram temple and that they crossed the rope that was tied in the middle of the path and took the equipment to the other side.

Meanwhile a constable stopped them and started using fouls language. The reporter warned the cop in uniform to watch his language and thus tensions began. As the altercation became big, IPS Varun Kumar who was managing the crowd has come.

Rajesh alleges that IPS Varun Kumar also abused him verbally in English. Rajesh also told the IPS pushed him and that in the course of action their camera equipment was damaged.

While the Police said that they were blocking the pathway that was reserved for disabled people, pregnant women, senior citizens and others and created almost a stampede like situation.


The police officer told “there was only one path into the temple and that was divided into two one for normal people and the other for vulnerable people like person with disabilities. If somebody is choking that path it’s my duty to intervene.”

After the video went viral on social media Varun Kumar took to twitter and questioned “why was the audio blocked? Blocking Wheelchair, pregnant women, senior citizen & physically challenged persons queue and creating a stampede situation is responsible journalism? I have preferred a police complaint against two persons for creating a stampede situation.”


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