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As the Coronavirus continues to plague the world, Bundesliga has been further suspended until at aleast April 30, as precautionary measure to limit the spread of pandemic outbreak.

“The Executive Committee is aware that all scenarios and options for action also depend on external factors, over which the DFL and clubs have no or only limited influence, including the further spread of the virus and political assessments of the situation,” the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) said in a staement.

“In this light, the Executive Committee will recommend towards the Ordinary Assembly a further suspension of match operations in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 until at least 30 April,” the statement added.

Earlier, the DFL has postponed the Bundesliga until April 2 due to the coronavirus outbreak around the globe.

LaLiga, Serie A, Premier League, Euro 2020 and Champions League have already been suspended until further notice.

On Tuesday, 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics were postponed for a year after athletes from around the globe raised health concerns.

The novel coronavirus has affected more than 4,00,000 people, globally, and it has also claimed more than 18,000 lives.


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