La Liga
Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos | Picture: La Liga

Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) on Wednesday confirmed that ‘El Clasico’, the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, will be played on December 18.

“The decision of the competition committee has come after analysing in recent days the proposals of both clubs, which they invited to agree on a date and who agreed to signal on December 18 for the rescheduling of the postponed match,” RFEF said in a statement.

Real Madrid and Barcelona were slated to lock horns in La Liga, later this week. However, the Federation has postponed the match due to ongoing protests in Barcelona.

La Liga has requested RFEF to change the venue of ‘El Clasico’ from the Camp Nou to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

But, both teams did not agree with this solution.

Although, Real Madrid and Barcelona on postponing the fixture.

The request from La Liga came after 9 independent Catalan leaders were handed imprisonment. The prison sentence has been handed to the leaders for playing their part in a failed attempt to split Catalunya from Spain in 2017.

These protests had sparked political unrest in the region.

The Catalan leaders are expected to serve a prison sentence for around nine to 13 years.

The Catalan Football Federation had postponed all the games in the region.

Barcelona’s ‘El Prat’ Airport was also closed at several times.




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