Google Doodle, World Cup
Google Doodle for the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup (Photo: Twitter)

Google Doodle has welcomed the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 with a special doodle for the occasion on the inaugural day of the quadrennial tournament.

The tweet from Google Doodles’ official handle read “10 teams. 100+ players. 1 cup. Today’s #GoogleDoodle celebrates the International Cricket Council’s 2019 World Cup! The world’s leading contest in one-day cricket opens today at the Oval in London.”

The doodle is a short GIF that portrays a bowler, a batsman and a fielder all in action during a hypothetical cricket match.

The doodle starts with the bowler taking the ‘O’, changing it into a ball, bowling it to the batsman and the fielder catches the ball and it changes back to ‘O’.

This doodle from the world’s most popular search engine follows a series of doodles that portray famous things happening or happened or the given day.

The doodles cover variety of fields ranging from ‘science, technology, entertainment’ to the likes of ‘history, politics, and sports’.


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