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Sarfaraz Ahmed and Co. faced a lot of criticism after the defeat handed by India in the World Cup on June 16. It is not just for their performance on the field but even their fitness levels, eating habits, going out late at night, anything and everything has been used to hit back at them.

Sarfaraz, However, was a victim of body shaming as one of the fan called his ‘as fat as a pig’. Sarfaraz was walking with his son in a mall when the fan recorded a video and passed personal comments.

Sarfaraz’s wife was in tears

When the 32-year-old returned back to the hotel, his wife was sitting there sobbing having watched the video herself. He had to console her and also explain how fans get so passionate about their cricket that at times it gets a bit too much.

“When I went back to the hotel I saw my wife was crying after watching the video. I tried to explain to her that this is just one video and that we have had people walk up to us and tell things. This is nothing serious we must be strong. All of this is a part of life when we don’t perform well we will have to go through all this,” said Sarfaraz in an interview with ICC.

Sarfaraz’s Interview with ICC:

Loosing is a different thing but when the defeat comes at the expense of arch-rivals, it’s hard for the fans to digest the loss. However, Sarfaraz thanked all the fans who were present to support them in the next match.

“After losing the match against India, that one week that passed by, however, it was, our fans still came to Lord’s and supported the Pakistan team. They came to the hotel where we were staying and even met us outside and all of them told us one thing that we should concentrate on giving our best and leave the rest up to God,” said Sarfaraz.


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