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Premier League | Picture Courtesy: Premier League

Premier League clubs have agreed to extend bans imposed on fans at every top-flight stadium for racial slurs and abusive behaviour.

All 20 top-flight clubs have united after incidents of PL players, including Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling and Everton’s Moise Kean, being subjected to racist chants from the stands this season.

Gordan Taylor, Professional Football Association (PFA) chief executive, has called the British government to set up an enquiry and wants custodial sentence to fans on being found guilty.

A statement was released after Premier League stakeholders’ meeting last night which stated: “Following recent events, the 20 clubs committed to introducing a League-wide ban for anyone banned by their club for discriminatory, abusive or violent acts.”

The statement added that unacceptable conduct directed towards the players, fans, referees and club employees won’t be tolerated by the organisation and the clubs.

Earlier today, AFC Bournemouth handed a lifetime ban to a 17-year-old supporter, who pleaded guilty to chanting racist abuse during a match against Tottenham, in November.

The teenager, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty to indecent/racial chanting when he appeared at the Magistrate court on Tuesday, British Police said in a statement.




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