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Sachin Tendulkar (Courtesy: Twitter)

Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar feels that India will be winning the World Cup and also commented on England’s pitches in the summer season.

When asked about England hosting the world cup and what does Tendulkar feel about that, he said, “The World Cup is being played in England, hopefully, it is coming to India. The competition being played in England is always a special feeling, that is where the journey started for me in 1983 when it was played there.

Tendulkar also feels that the pitches in England will be batting-friendly throughout the quadrennial tournament.

He said “I am told it’s going to be a hot summer. Even in the Champions Trophy, the wickets were superb when the sun was out. In the heat, the wickets get really flat. I am sure they will give beautiful tracks to bat on.”

Commenting on the possibility of monsoon season affecting the World Cup, the 46-year old said, “I don’t think there will be much difference in the conditions unless there is a heavy cloud cover. If there is a cloud cover, the ball might go around a bit. Even if that’s the case I don’t see that happening for a longer duration just the first over if at all.”

Talking about the good form of Indian players like Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, and Jasprit Bumrah in the ongoing Indian Premier League season, Tendulkar said, “A good performance in any format is good news because it gives the player confidence. If you are confident in any format, that’s important.”

“The players have time to make some adjustments according to the conditions. All of them have played enough cricket to know what to do to improve,” he concluded.


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