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Sri Lankan umpire Kumar Dharmasena who was in controversy throughout the World Cup, especially after the World Cup final when England defeated New Zealand after super over.

Dharmasena, who is one of the most experienced umpires in the world, made a blunder in the final. He awarded England 6 runs instead of 5, following an overthrow.

Former leg spinners decision proved decisive as the Three Lions went on to level the scores and take the game to super over.

However, he recently admitted that he made a mistake a huge mistake and was quick to apologise to New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson.

New Zealand were also beaten in the World Cup 2015 final when Dharmasena officiated. For the Kiwis, it’s hard to swallow to fact that Dharmasena’s presence hasn’t been fruitful for them.

Earlier, The British media had revealed that Ben Stokes had approached Dharmasena to withdraw the overthrow runs. However, Dharmasena has made it clear that Stokes never came to him.

Dharmasena admits that the rule has to change

“I made a judgmental call after consulting with my colleague Marais Erasmus. The decision was like calling a no-ball or a wide-ball and I couldn’t consult the third umpire,” said Dharmasena. I was 100% sure that the batsmen had crossed. It looked as if he had almost reached the popping crease,” he added.

“I admit that the rule has to change and I also admit that I was wrong.”

“If the ball hits the stumps and goes for four, then it’s fine but the moment the ball hits the bat or the batsmen, it should be a dead ball.”

Also, Former Australian umpire Simon Taufel said that umpires made a huge error because Stokes and Adil Rashid hadn’t crossed when the fielder had released the throw. However, he also said that umpires are only human.






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