Delhi Capitals chief advisor Sourav Ganguly and head coach Ricky Ponting attending a press conference

According to PTI, Sourav Ganguly has cleared to BCCI that there is no conflict of interest in his dual role of chief advisor of Delhi Capitals and president of Cricket Association of Bengal.

“In my respectful submission there is no direct or indirect interest, compromising roles, commercial conflict, prior relationship or position of influence within the meaning of the BCCI Constitution which may deter my involvement with the Delhi Capitals,” wrote Ganguly as per excerpts of the letter available with PTI.

He continued “At present, I do not hold any post whatsoever or howsoever in the BCCI. I am neither a member of the Apex Council of the BCCI nor an office bearer nor a member of any of the Cricket Committees constituted by the BCCI under its Constitution.”

The 46-year old further clarified that he does not influence the Indian Premier League in any way as he has already resigned from all the BCCI committees.

“I am also not connected with the administration, management or running of the IPL by being a member of any of the committees or other organisational units set up by the BCCI in connection with the IPL.
“Previously I had been a part of the BCCI Technical Committee; the IPL Technical Committee and the IPL Governing Council. I have resigned and/or withdrawn myself from all the said Committees. I am not a part of any committee/council/entity which has control or supervisory power or powers of management or administration of the IPL.”

Sourav Ganguly went on to explain that he has no role in the Kolkata Knight Riders franchise as well. The former KKR captain explained that he has no stake or shares in the team or its parent company.

“Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is a franchise cricket team owned by Red Chilies Entertainment Private Limited. This is a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. I am neither a shareholder nor a director of the aforesaid company. I have no stake whatsoever or howsoever in the said company,” Ganguly concluded.


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