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AI robots that can write just like you. Bloggers writers and journalists you have competition

I’ve seen the Elon Musk-backed Open AI’s GPT2 system and it is spellbinding and accurate as hell. It can write a news piece a column and even a book in the same style as the best writers on the block.

A non-profit that is backed by Elon Musk by the name of  Open AI, has developed an Artificial Intelligence system so good that it can produce fresh content on the basis of word cues that is as close in content and style as an original article written by any author.

So if  I wrote a sports article on the current win by the Indian Cricket team in Australia and New Zealand and asked the Open AI GPT 2 to carry forward the theme to an article on the upcoming  World Cup. The intelligent software will use a million cues to produce the perfect article the perfect carry forward to my article.  In a sense Open AI GPT 2  is the king of ventriloquist journalism

Traditional newsrooms at The Guardian, Bloomberg and Reuters are already publishing articles that are partly written by a machine. In February itself  The  Guardian  Australian edition published its first completely automated article written by their newly acquired text generator  ReporterMate This sort of  AI-assisted reporting is perfectly suited to news writing. Its strengths are producing perfect articles based on keywords, facts and figures, therefore, are best suited to say sports and business writing.

There are downsides as well, for instance, newsrooms where text generators have been put in place an in a state of. For the Publishers AI programmes are put in place free up journalists so that they can work on analytical well-researched stories. On the technology side so there is a major negative implication as well, the AI-assisted text generator can perfect the fake news report without there being a trace to the origin of the news. The social media too can become a victim of BOT texts that will have a devastating result on netzines.  Essay writers and technical writers too will have to find themselves a new profession.

The fact is, Elon  Musk has been warning us of the threat of robots and AI taking over the world for ages not. He just proved his point with the Open AI GPT 2 project Artifical Intelligence can be a boon if used right and have devastating effects in the wrong hands.


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