sportify india service 5Internet Music streaming giant Spotify launched in India, with the express goal to tap into millions of music lovers across the country.

Spotify opens with multilingual music recommendations which have a good selection from music genres across India besides the very popular Bollywood movie music. Playlists featuring music from popular Indian musicians and bands are among the many features in the Spotify App.

May music lovers are lamenting that the music giant’s entry into India is a tad too late Spotify enters a very crowded market that includes homegrown biggies Gaana, Saavn, Wink and powerhouses like T Series and Zee Music. Also playing live are international biggies Google Play Amazon and Apple Music

This apart the Spotify India’s head Amarjit Singh Batra seems to be very positive about this launch,  “Indians love music. It’s an inherent part of our lifestyle and culture, whether we pray, work, or relax.”  He went on to make it clear that Spotify’s target is the mass market given the fact that the internet revolution has given rise to millions of Indian using streaming as a preferred form of listening to music.

Spotify launched in India with a very affordable Rs.119 rupees a month, which is broadly comparable with prices offered by other services in India.

sportify india service

Spotify says it has over 40 million songs in India right now, and over 30,000 tracks are added every day.

Spotify intends that playlists will be curated by experts from the music industry these experts will be assisted by site algorithms to spot trends in the big cities especially.

Spotify India also has plans to move beyond music into the large and ever-growing podcast market.

5 things that Spotify has that no one else has

  1. On-demand, unlimited music

In contrast to the rest of the world, Spotify users in India can pick any song, on-demand. Also no limit on how many songs you can add or skip as well.

  1. More apps than anyone else

The Spotify App is available across mobile platforms besides Android and iOS the app is available on Apple Watch and CarPlay besides Android TV, Android Wear, Android Auto Google wear as well.  There is also a  Spotify app for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo, Amazon Fire TV Stick and most smart Tv’s as well. Not only that you can hop from one device to another.

  1. AI suggest Suggested songs + Autoplay

Spotify has the best search engine in the business. Artificial Intelligence driven suggestions come to the user as he launches as he builds a playlist.  It prompts more songs to the user based on the music you have chosen in the past and songs from the same genres that are trending.

  1. Behind the lyrics

Spotify gives the user access lyrics of the songs you are listening to and a lot of behind-the-scenes info. Imagine knowing all the knowledge behind the songs you are listening to.

  1. Concert info

Spotify is the go-to for concert information and tickets across the world.  If you follow a genre and there is a  related concert going to take place in your city, go to Spotify for the details.

Spotify launched in India is now across   79 markets and has 207 million active users. If they are able to play the Indian market well they will double that figure really soon.


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