Google maps mistakesThis big banner on a Goa Road says it all, go Back, Not Baga, this big sign tells tourists to Not Follow Google Maps as they are getting the way to Baga Beach in Goa wrong. Leading those who are searching the way to the beach to a  down the wrong road to a dead end.

The banner makes it clear, “You are fooled by Google Maps. This road doesn’t take you to Baga Beach!!!” The banner goes further to suggest the right route.  “Turn back and take a left turn, Baga is 1 km from here.”

This has happened to most of us while on a vacation or business in a new city. While most times google maps lead you to the right destination sometimes it does get the way all wrong.

Has it happened that while looking for a place eat for instance google maps has led you to a park or a canal or a locked gate or better still google maps says  “continue 500m straight” where there is not road what so ever?

So How do you fix google maps mistakes

Google Maps  with 1.5 Billion downloads is certainly one of the most popular Android Apps for location-based  services The Google maps  App is used as an API service by other third-party apps  for cab services, food delivery & products

Is your current  location on google maps right

The first point of call is your current location, if that is wrong you need to fix your location first. All corresponding locations that you may be searching will be in relation to your current location. The wrong current location can cause issues with the general functioning of the app.

Factors Affecting GPS Location

The reason for your in phone GPS now working accurately could range from the number of satellites positioned near your current location to the quality of your smartphone and its maps driver. So how do you fix Inaccurate Google Maps GPS Location

Increase the Accuracy of your mobile GPS

Go to Settings in your mobile and look for the location option and make sure your location services are ON.

The first option under Location is Mode, tap and set it to High accuracy.

With this, your GPS  will now use  Wi-Fi and mobile networks to bring accuracy to your location.

 Is your Google maps problem  Hardware or Software Related

To check if your GPS problems are hardware related, install an app called GPS Essentials. Open the menu and tap on the “Satellites” option. You should now  be able to see how your phone connects to satellites

If it shows no satellite connections or no satellites near you your mobile could be having a hardware related problem .  Have your mobile service company to check it out.

Uninstall 3rd Party Apps that cause google maps malfunction

If any of the apps on your mobile have accuracy problems while pinpointing your location delete these apps from your phone as they may be causing your mobile to malfunction.

Also if you have third-party map/location apps these too  could  cause  the google map app to malfunction delete these apps as well

Recalibrate your Compass

If your location blue dot’s beam on Google maps is pointing in the wrong direction, you need to recalibrate your compass.

For this first open the Google Maps app Then holding your mobile

make the figure 8  in the air until your compass is calibrated.

Report the Issue to Google

You can help a lot of folks by reporting an error on Google Maps and better still help by sending the corrected location.

How do you correct an error on google maps, it’s quite simple On your mobile to open the Google Maps? Hold a spot on the map where  the  incorrect location is shown, drop a pin  and enter the correct information

Update Google Maps in Play Services

The error in google maps is sometimes to an old version of the app running on your mobile. For this go to Google maps in the play store.  If an update is suggested it means your Google maps is stunning an older version of the app. All you need to do is update the Google Maps App for it to work accurately again.

We hope this article has helped you if you are having difficulty with the accuracy of your Google maps. Please share  with us any feedback so that we can help you better



















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