The Finnish Consumer Disputes Board (CDB) ordered Microsoft to compensate to a Finnish man after it was found liable for the faulty unauthorized installation of Windows 10 on Saturday, January 6 2019

The complainant had asked for 3000 euro, saying in 2016 Microsoft automatically upgraded his Windows 8 PC to Windows 10. This, in turn, caused a malfunction in the loading of Windows for the users. Following the installation of Windows 10 the computer started giving “at fault” messages.

When he complained to Microsoft, its support team was unable to fix the problem. Later on this resulted in the camera surveillance software on his PC to malfunction. It was at this stage that the Windows 10 user had asked for compensation from the court.

In its response Microsoft held the view that the man had obtained required help from its free customer support. Microsoft stated that it was not responsible for programs the computer owner had installed on his own for remote surveillance of an object.

The Finnish Consumer Disputes Board has ruled the damages caused by such an update to a Windows 8 user and compensated the Windows user to the tune of 1,100 euro (about $1,254 or Rs 87000/- ). The board ruled that Microsoft had no right to install Windows 10 without the permission of the user and active approval from him.

They noted: In the opinion of the Board, the service was not carried out professionally and carefully and in the interests of the subscriber, therefore, it required protection by the Consumer Protection Act of the country.

How does this affect you as a consumer?

  • To begin with, only install licenced Windows on all your devices.

  • If you have Windows 8 installed on your PC, laptop or Windows handheld device, do your homework as to whether the Windows 10 version is suitable for installation on your computer.

  • Do not approve any windows installation without first doing your research on the same. 

  • If you already have Windows 10 installed on your machine and it displays an error message get it replaced/ reloaded on your device and make sure there are no errors on your device.

Be safe and sure before you go ahead with an installation. 


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