The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) announced that  Chandrayaan-2 successfully completed the Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) maneuver on Tuesday, August 20, 2019.

ISRO said “The duration of maneuver was 1738 seconds beginning from 0902 hrs IST. With this, Chandrayaan-2 was successfully inserted into a Lunar orbit.”

“Following this, a series of orbit maneuvers will be performed on Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft to enable it to enter its final orbit passing over the lunar poles at a distance of about 100 km from the Moon’s surface,” added the space body.

The next lunar bound orbit maneuver is scheduled to take place on August 21 on Wednesday. Subsequently the Vikram lander will separate from the orbiter and enters a particular orbit around the moon.

Thereafter, it will perform a series of complex braking maneuvers to soft land in the South Polar Region of the moon on September 7, 2019. ISRO Chief Sivan confirmed all the systems of Chandrayaan-2 are healthy.


Addressing media on the status of Chandrayaan-2, ISRO chief K Sivan said that the entire world is waiting for our data as it is expected that the Southern pole of Moon consists of more water and minerals.

“The entire team at ISRO experienced terrifying moments as the as the insertion took place,” said the ISRO Chief. He added that next major event of will occur on September 2 when the Vikram lander will separate from the orbiter.


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