For over 10 years or so, Google had stuck to the tradition of naming its Android versions as dessert and in alphabetical order.

The last Android version being Android 9.0 was named Pie, which seems to be the last one named after a sweet.

As announced by the company the lastest Android Q will not be followed by updates named after desserts. In fact, they won’t have a name at all. Android Q is to be named Android 10.

In its blog, Google explained the decision. The dessert names were not being well understood by the global community. For example, Google said, the letters L and R were indistinguishable in certain spoken languages.

So for Android Lollipop, people were not clear that it was an upgrade after KitKat. While sweet items such as pies and marshmallows — on which their upgrades have been named — are not much popular in several parts of the world.

However, numbers are universal and recognized in all corners of the world, said Google. With the 10th update, it was time for a change, although sweets names were suggested, it added.

Google is also planning to change the Android logo after the last modifications in 2014. The new logo would feature the Android bot with a new font and black colour instead of green. The logo will be updated in the coming weeks with the release of Android 10.


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