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We all enjoy playing video games very much. But you know, what’s more fun? Building one. But, we all know playing a game is much easier than building one because of the coding language which serves as the main core to build a proper game. Google has announced Game Builder which lets you create 3D games without having to write any coding or messaging. 

It is available for free now on Steam, for Mac and Windows.

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Game Builder is actually a video-game that lets you build any kind of 3D game using simple drag-and-drop tools. Google has created a “card-based visual programming system” that lets users create all kinds of objects and give them motion or whatever they’d like from the drag-and-drop cards. You can create your own game in just 10 minutes and it has been designed for skill levels, from first time game developers to experts.

There is no need for any coding and messaging with Javascript. However, it is optional if one wish to get into granular mechanics or more control everything.

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Game Builder was introduced in November last year and since then it has been under constant development by the Area120 team- a Google’s unit which works on experimental objects. As it was introduced much earlier, there are bunch of tutorials available on YouTube to guide you how to use tools available in building a game.  


That’s not all, to make it more interesting, the company will allow you to collaborate with your friends and other game developers to work together and build a game. As the one user can play and test out the game while the other user adds more details or levels to the game.

So, if you’re looking to invent your own games, then Game Builder is the perfect place to start with.


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