Volkswagen on Monday announced its integration with iOS that will allow the driver to control their vehicle using the Apple’s voice application Siri.

The driver, using the Car-Net app can sync his iPad or iPhones running iOS 12 with the cars remote control. For instance, if he is unable to find his car in a parking lot, he can ask Siri to honk the horns or flash the lights.

Other than music, temperature and time, you can ask Siri to unlock car, switch on air conditioner and defrost the windows.

There are several personalized commands that can be set according to the driver’s needs. The driver can ask any question to Siri like how much fuel is left? How much mileage is covered?; or for electric cars how much charge is remaining?

What is Car-Net?

Car-Net covers a number of elements of car ownership, including the Car-Net Security and Service features that can automatically notify parties in the event of a crash, summon roadside assistance, and help locate stolen vehicles. It also provides remote vehicle access and status information by going through the app directly rather than through Siri, and can be used to view diagnostics and maintenance information, and to schedule dealer visits if required.

Earlier this year, Volkswagen commenced a promotion offering up to six months of free Apple iTune Music access to new car buyers who register with the connected car service. CarPlay, Apple’s in-car infotainment software that connects to iPhones, is also available in a number of the manufacturer’s vehicles. 


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