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The world’s most popular micro blogging platform, Twitter has turned 13 today and was dubbed as ‘young rebellious teen’ by Wikipedia.

It all started after Wikipedia wished Twitter happy birthday on the day it came to existence in a series of tweets. The free encyclopedia listed out many facts about Twitter on its birthday. But what happened next clearly indicated that the micro blogging platform didn’t like much Wikipedia’s facts and what followed was a hilarious banter between the two.

Wikipedia, which is known for its never-ending information, continued to share the facts about the micro-blogging site, from the date of its inception to how many days since it got its new font, extended characters and much more.

After this, Twitter in a sarcastic tweet said, “Love that you know us so well.”

Wikipedia in a reply wrote, “Thirteen years old, @Twitter! You young rebellious teen you. Do you take advice from old fogies like Wikipedia? We could teach you about the mystical “edit button”…”

This tweet from Wikipedia caught a huge attention on Twitter. Many netizens pointed out that Wikipedia is merely an adult as it has turned 18 only. For many, it was an ‘epic crossover’ they didn’t want to miss at all.


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