A 24 year old man from Bihar modified his Tata nano car to look like a helicopter to fulfill his childhood dream.

Mithilesh Prasad, a pipe fitter from Chappra village, modified his nano car to look like a helicopter though the car cannot fly like a helicopter. He added basic aerodynamic parts of a helicopter like the main rotors, tail rotor side panels with LED lights.

Mithilesh and his brother customized the car after investing almost 7 lakh rupees and worked for over 7 months to complete the project which was his childhood dream.

Mithilesh Prasad who studied only class 12, said he was always fascinated about helicopters and wanted to make one. He says regretfully that because of his poor background he could not fly real helicopter but now he is satisfied to ride his helicopter-like car.

“It was my dream since childhood to construct and fly a helicopter which I could not realize as I do not come from a strong financial background. I come from a farmers’ family. So I bought a Tata nano car and made it look like a helicopter by adding some parts with the help of my brother,” said Mithilesh.


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