The outbreak of the Coronavirus has impacted and created a hindrance almost in all sectors and continues to do so each day.

According to a report from Bank of America, amid the Coronavirus scare, the most anticipated Apple 5G phone might get delayed by a month.
As a result of the outbreak, the manufacturers predict a weaker demand of the phones, thus, the release of new devices will “depend on how production ramps back up in April and May.”
Along with ‘iPhone 12,’ Apple’s ‘iPhone 9’ and ‘iPhone SE 2’ releases might get affected too.
Over the past few weeks, the supply chain has been affected, and the stock has also fluctuated, leading to a 13% share fall since its record high of $ 327.85 in February.
Due to this pandemic, Apple announced that it would not be able to meet the revenue goals for March. The tech giant has said that they are closely looking into the situation and if any development, it would be announced.
Apple declared it would notify about April’s quarterly earnings.
It remains to be seen how much more of an impact the virus will have on Apple’s 2020 plans.


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