Indians evacuated from Iran in Rajasthan (Image Courtesy: ANI)

Fifty-three Indian nationals evacuated from the Iranian cities of Tehran and Shiraz were moved to the Army Wellness Centre in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan on Monday after their arrival in the country.

53 Indians evacuated include a teacher and 52 students, who underwent a preliminary screening at the airport for the novel coronavirus disease prior to being sent to the Army Wellness Centre. With this, a total of 389 Indians have returned to India from Iran.

This is the fourth batch of Indians evacuated from Iran, a Middle Eastern country which is among the worst affected countries from the novel coronavirus outbreak globally.

“Fourth batch of 53 Indians – 52 students and a teacher – has arrived from Tehran and Shiraz, #Iran. With this, a total of 389 Indians have returned to India from Iran. Thank the efforts of the team @India_in_Iran and Iranian authorities,” Foreign Minister, Jaishankar tweeted.

However, a few thousand citizens of both countries are at present stranded in Iran and India as India cancelled all flights to Iran in February in the wake of the coronavirus scare. But officials say they revised the decision after it became clear that a large number of stranded citizens had to be evacuated.

Iran is one of the worst coronavirus hit of the novel countries, with the death toll at 724. Cases of lethal infection is around 14,000.

As per the latest data from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the number of positive cases of coronavirus in India rose to 110 on Sunday. Out of the 110 cases, 17 patients are foreign nationals.

Maharashtra is the most-hit state in the country with cases rising to 33, followed by 22 cases in Kerala and 12 in Uttar Pradesh.

The number of active cases in Haryana is 14 but all of them are foreign nationals.

Furthermore, of the total tally of cases, two persons have passed away due to the disease, one in Karnataka and one in Delhi. Nine patients have been discharged after having being recovered.


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