Sister Lucy
Sister Lucy Kalappura

Sister Lucy Kalappura, one of the nuns who protested against rape-accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal, on Saturday claimed that she is being targeted at the convent and not being provided food.

Sister Lucy was dismissed from Franciscan Clarist congregation for supporting sisters protesting against the Bishop.

“I am being targeted at the convent and not being provided food. When I asked the reason, I was told I have been dismissed from the convent and they are not responsible for feeding me,” said Sister Lucy while speaking to the reporters.

She has alleged that all this began after the release of her autobiography “Karthavinte Namathil” which means ‘In the name of God’. In her book, she had alleged sexual misconduct among priests and nuns.

“They prepare food and after having it they lock it in the cupboard. When I asked the reason behind this, they told me that I have been dismissed,” said Sister Lucy.

“Now I am managing it all by myself with egg and tapioca that grows in the convent compound. Earlier they used to keep the leftover lunch and I used to adjust with that, but after my book was released, they started to lock the food in the cupboard,” she added.

Sister Lucy also claimed that she had filed three complaints with the police on August 19, August 20 and on December 13. They had taken her statement but no action was taken.

“If the police would have taken some action against the convent authorities, they would not have behaved this way. An FIR was registered based on the three complaints but no action was taken. This gives them more power to act against me. I have drafted a letter to the Chief Minister to raise my complaint,” said Sister Lucy.

Bishop Mulakkal, a senior member of the Roman Catholic clergy in India, was arrested in 2018 following allegations by a nun that he repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted her at Kuravilangad convent between 2014 and 2016, a charge that he denies. (ANI)


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