jolly, keralaIn an unnerving revelation, the Kerala Police have disclosed suspicion over three more deaths linked to Jolly Joseph, the prime suspect in connection with six mysterious deaths in her family.

According to media reports quoting police official intelligence, Jolly had also allegedly planned to kill two other children from her family

Superintendent of Police KG Simon that the state police chief Loknath Behra will be monitoring and reviewing the probe procedures. “First, let us get the custody of Jolly and then things will be decided,” said Behra.

Simon, who is heading the current case linked to the murder of the accused’s first husband Roy Thomas, said that the murders will be investigated by separate teams individually.

Currently, Jolly and her two accomplices, who helped her by supplying cyanide, have been arrested for plotting the murder of Thomas.

The police have sought the three accused’s custody for 11 days and submitted an application in a local court. After hearing the police plea, the court reserved its orders for Thursday and the police are making elaborate arrangements to provide security when they are brought to the court on Thursday.

The accused of serial murder has admitted that she killed six members of her family, police said on Tuesday.

Jolly Shaju, the prime accused was arrested for allegedly poisoning them to death, over a period of 14 years in Kerala’s Koodathayi village in Kozhikode district.

Three people were arrested in connection with the death of one of the six members of a family on Monday.

Jolly Shaju, a jewellery shop employee MS Mathew and Prajikumar were arrested in connection with the death of Jolly’s husband, Roy Thomas.

The third accused is said to be the supplier of cyanide to her to carry out the murders.

Mathew and Prajikumar were familiar with the prime accused for a long time, the police said.

The six deaths in the family took place between 2002 and 2016.

The Investigating Officer (IO) handling the serial murder case has said that she killed them in order to take away the property.

He said that it was found that all died because of cyanide poison that is in accordance with the thorough analysis and consultation with the doctors.

“She looked after everything in the family. It was a move to gain control over the complete financial transactions within the family,” the IO said.

In 2002, Annamma Thomas her 57-year-old mother-in-law had collapsed and died after having food.

The police said that her Annamma, was killed because “she was the most important person in that family”.

In 2008, she allegedly killed her father-in-law Tom Thomas and then in 2011, her husband breathed his last.

Three years later, her mother-in-law’s brother, who, the police claims had sought postmortem to be conducted on the body of Jolly’s husband, died and in the same year, a toddler, Alphine Shaju, was allegedly killed by Jolly.

The last one to have been killed by the accused was Alphine’s mother in 2016.


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