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Women Achievers on International Women’s Day

Prime Minister’s special segment where he gave out his official social media accounts to women of inspiration grasped a lot of eyeballs today. Modi, after wishing International Women’s day to his followers bid goodbye to his social media accounts for the day.

The Social media initiative is running under the hashtag of #SheInspiresUs.

Here are all the women who took over PM’s social media:

Sneha Mohandoss, is a founder of an initiative called ‘FoodBank’.
FoodBank is an initiative taken by Sneha which aims at working towards eradicating hunger. She works with volunteers, many of whom are from outside India. She has over 20 chapters and has impacted several people with her work. Sneha also initiated activities like mass cooking, cooking marathons, and breasts-feeding awareness drives.



Dr. Malvika Iyer lost both her hands in a bomb accident at the age of 13. She also suffered from severe injuries in both her legs. However, Malvika did not give up and decided to focus on her education. She appeared for her boards and secured 97%. After which sky was the limit for Malvika, who met then, President Dr. APJ Kalam and was motivated further.

Today she is a disability rights activist who is working to create awareness about the discriminatory attitude, stigma and inaccessible spaces for people with special abilities.

She says, “I dream of an inclusive India where we are truly accepting of each other despite our differences.”

Arifa from Srinagar Kashmir while studying craft management used to go for field visits where she realized that artisans were not getting enough pay and the art and culture of the community were dying slowly. So, she started an initiative that works to empower local women by promoting their art, Namda craft, by upgrading the entrepreneurship structure of the community.

Kalpana Ramesh,is working to ensure sustainable home-building which would help save water and introduce a feature of rainwater harvesting. Architect from the profession, Kalpana, is working to save water and manage water in the households.

She said, “All women have this innate nature to go and pass the challenges thrown at them.” She urged women to come out and help save water at home as well as in a community.

Vijaya Pawar shared her initiative of keeping alive the handicrafts of her community, the Banjara community in rural Maharashtra.

Vijaya Pawar started an NGO to promote her kind of handicrafts. She also started workshops and training women around, where she pushed women to work towards producing their own handicrafts. Vijaya started with women in her village and now travels across districts inspiring women around.

Kalawati Devi who was living in slums with no proper water facility or clean surroundings one day decided to change her conditions and started discussing the problems with her neighbors.

After spreading awareness for a year, she convinced everyone in her locality to work for clean and hygienic surroundings. After the entire locality’s contribution, Kalwati Devi first invested in building toilets and then also installed water tanks to fight water scarcity in the locality.

She passed a message to women all over, urging them to come out and make a difference. “Just concentrate on your goals and let people say what they want to,” says Kalawati.

Veena Devi from Munger, Bihar is training women to get into farming of mushrooms. She started farming inside a room under a bed because of limited space. She was acknowledged for her extra-ordinary idea of farming. She also became the Sarpanch of her village and also organizes, ‘Haat’, village market, where women come and sell their mushrooms.


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