Women officers
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Supreme Court delivered a historic judgment on Monday, where it has ordered that the women officers will now be eligible for command posting in the Indian Army. Adding to this the Court has also asked the Centre to ensure that women officers are given a permanent commission (PC).

The judgment was initially passed in 2010, however, today the Supreme Court ruled out this verdict against the Centre’s appeal which was made against the High Court’s direction. The SC said that the permanent commission will apply to all women officers in the Army in service, irrespective of their years of service. Further, it is also directed that the Centre should grant permanent commission within three months to all women officers.

From now on, as per the verdict, the terms of appointments of women officers shall be the same as their male counterparts.

The Centre opposed the 2010 ruling citing the physiological features differentiating between men and women officers. Rejecting this appeal clearly the SC said that this mindset must change as it propagates “gender stereotypes”, and that this differentiation cannot be accepted. “Centre, by not giving permanent commission to women officers, had prejudiced the case,” the SC noted.

Supreme Court judge Justice DY Chandrachud said, “Women in the Army is an evolutionary process and soldiers must have the physical capability to do one’s role.”

Further, regarding the commanding post, the SC noted, “Women officers could be given command posts in the Army as there are many other services in addition to combat operations where women could be accommodated.”

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