The air quality index of Delhi and across the National Capital Region ((NCR) has crossed the safety mark. The air has been deemed toxic as many parts have recorded 700 plus AQI.  After environmentalists, doctors, now Bollywood actors have raised concern over the air we are breathing.

Actor Arjun Rampal was in the capital on November 2. The 46-year-old landed in the city and felt disgusted to look at the current situation.

Later on, Arjun tweeted about this issue and wrote “Just landed in Delhi, the air here is just unbreathable. Absolutely disgusting what has become of this city. The pollution is visible, dense smog. People are in masks. How much more disaster does one need to wake up and do the right thing? Tell ourselves we are wrong.  #DelhiBachao”.

Other actors too spoke about the pollution the country is currently facing.

Actor Lisa Ray has been talking about this issue for quite some time now. The water movie famed actress posted pictures from her residence in Delhi on twitter and wrote “My view of Delhi. I think the image speaks for itself. What have we done? Or, more importantly, what are we gonna do?!#howdareyou #environmentalcrisis #extinctionrebellionIndia”.

The picture is clouded by the smog that is present in the air and it shows the severity of the current scenario.

Playback singer Jasleen Kaur Royal also spoke about the pollution in Delhi. She posted a picture and captioned it “Keep the pollution low Delhi, it’s home to my best ❤️#BeBackSoon”

Hashtags like “Delhi Air Emergency’’, “Delhi Bachao’’  have been trending on Twitter throughout the week.  People have now started comparing the capital city with the highly radioactive city of the world ‘’Chernobyl’’ as hashtag Chernybloyl has trending as well.

To curb the pollution in the city, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has requested to follow the “Odd-Even scheme’’ that will start from tomorrow.  Exemptions for single women drivers, differently abled people, and children in school uniforms have been made to the rule.


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