With all eyes on the dates of the Lok Sabha elections, the Model Code of Conduct will be enforced beginning from today. Social network giant Facebook announced its enforcement of transparency policy for India.

Facebook introduced two label categories for its disclaimers — “paid for by” and “published by”— including the name of the individual or the entity behind the ad, which will be displayed in every political ad.

“Those engaging in political advertising in India must comply with the policy,” said Sarah Schiff, product manager at Facebook, in an exclusive interaction with ET.

Facebook will also roll out the linking up of ad accounts for authorised advertisers, along with two new disclaimer categories it is adding for political ads — a “paid for by” label, which will be on the Facebook Page they run.

Earlier, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a press release said, “Our goal is not only to improve our own work on elections and civic discourse, but also to create a new model for how academics can work with the private sector. As the press has reported, we have had serious issues with academics using data from our services.”

Talking about ads transparency Mark added, “As a result of changes we’ve made this year, Facebook now has a higher standard of ads transparency than has ever existed with TV or newspaper ads. You can see all the ads an advertiser is running, even if they weren’t shown to you.”

Besides ad transparency, Facebook will also show the location of the members of the page running the political ads.


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