AccidentA woman killed and six injured in a major accident that took place in Hyderabad’s Gachibowli area on Saturday. A speeding car lost its control on a newly inaugurated Biodiversity flyover damaging two cars underneath the flyover.

The woman was standing on the roadside under the flyover when the speeding car fell and hit her. She was identified as Satyaveni (40). Six people including the driver Milan (27) were injured. He is said to be in a critical condition.

After the accident happened many citizens complained about the design of the flyover on social media platforms.

This incident is the second accident that happened on the flyover. Before this, two youngsters fell off the flyover and fatally landed on the road below when a speeding car driven by a techie under the influence of alcohol hit their bike.

The Deputy Commissioner police put out a statement that says that the car was speeding at 104 kmph instead of prescribed 40 kmph on the flyover.

The injured were taken to the Care Hospital which was the nearest hospital.

Those injured were rushed to Care Hospital, located less than a kilometre from the accident spot. While two of those injured were shifted to another hospital, four others who suffered minor injuries were given first-aid and later discharged.

Following the accident, the flyover has been temporarily closed down.

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