Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram


On the night of Wednesday, August 21, when a team of CBI officials stood guard outside former union minister P Chidambaram’s residence in New Delhi for arresting him, the situation had become tense — and the minister’s home a citadel.

Two of the CBI teams quietly jumped past the boundary wall of his house while the gates remained. The officer leading the charge and climbing the wall skillfully was R Parthasarthy. The officer is CBI’s investigating officer in the INX Media case, who after making his way into the house, returned with the Congress leader in his custody, in a matter of thirty minutes.

The investigation had begun with the CBI filing an FIR against Chidambaram and his son, Karti in the alleged cases of money laundering and corruption in relation with the INX Media case.

A year later, in 2018, it was Karti who was sent to CBI custody for interrogation.

Parthasarthy, the deputy superintendent of the CBI, was relentless in the pursuit of the father-son duo, ultimately making headway in August this year.

R Parthasarthy: standing third row from the bottom, fifth from the left (image: CBI)

Other fellow officers who have worked alongside him recall Parthasarthy as a “quiet, determined officer”, and as the one who can see the INX case “through to its logical conclusion”.

The former Finance Minister has been accused of money laundering and corruption cases during his tenure as the finance minister under UPA 1 government. As for his son, he has been accused of receiving kickbacks to the tune of Rs 305 crore in 2007, something which is alleged to have been seen through by his father handling the ministry.


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